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Can't find what you're looking for? We'll help you find it! With countless styles, we can exceed even the highest of expectations. Our high definition laminate has a textural look full of shine and gives off a granite look. Our undermount sinks are available in laminate as well!


Formica FX gives off a special texture and shine and digital art that looks like granite in laminate. And our solid surfaces are manmade material, repairable, germ free and extremely easy to work with. Integrated sinks can also be used with solid surface materials.


Keep your budget happy with laminate

Laminate countertops are a great way to give your countertops a makeover without a hefty price tag.


We make sure you understand all care aspects of whatever countertops you decide to go with. We stick with you from the very beginning until the very end!

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Types of countertops:


Laminate is a type of countertop that is easy to install and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It is a countertop choice that is budget friendly and very versatile. Aside from looking great, laminate countertops are heat and scratch resistant. They are really worth your penny.

Brands we carry:

Acrylic Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops are constructed of durable and man-made acrylic.

This provides low maintenance, beauty and service in years. Acrylic countertops have blend functionality. If a solid surface is scratched, it can easily be re-polished, unlike laminate countertops that has thin finished layer. The continuous thickness of solid surface can be resurfaced as needed.

Brands we carry:


Quartz, also known as ‘engineered stone’ is one of the hardest in nature. Although countertops made from quartz are not solid stone, they are strong and durable. These quartz countertops are made up of quartz embedded in a hard drying epoxy that results to a stone looking material. The so called ‘engineered stone’ products get the top marks due to its heat and scratch resistance and easy maintenance.

Brands we carry:


Granite is a natural material that stands up to heavy use and is excellent to heat and cutting. Most granite had to be sealed regularly to avoid chip or crack due to impacts.

Cultured Marble

Marbles are beautiful but are one of the least durable stones to be used. It can easily be fractured and scratched. This material easily deteriorates when exposed to acidic substances. It is also heat resistant but not enough to be used near a stove or grill. But marbles are really good as decorative material. And to avoid damage or fractures, keep it or used it in low traffic areas like guest bathrooms, or slightly used areas like bake stations.

Brands we carry: